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Ronald M. Harris, PhD, is our Director of Technology. He is a widely recognized expert in coloring plastics and has contributed to several books on the subject. In addition to that, he also holds 14 patents in the fields of plastics materials and coatings.

Truth is that Dr. Ron is the total package…a white coat with business sense. His Ivy League pedigree, analytical expertise and experience running a large manufacturing operation are all pretty impressive, but we don’t let it go to his head. If you would like to harness the power of Dr. Ron, drop him a line below. Yoda he’s not, but you won’t be disappointed with his answers.

What is G2? Who uses it? How does it work?

Can G2 match liquid color in terms of use rates and cost? 
Are there any other advantages of G2?

Do you have questions about G2, G3, coloring plastic or Carolina Color? 
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